Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Real Change is Coming

The government is failing you, while you slumber in denial.

We are overpopulated.  The Census doesn’t take into account the thousands if not millions of adults and children who are living illegally, whether simply renting private rooms or apartments, or by entering this country by secretive means.

The “War on Terror” is an illusion.  It is a deception to create fear so the people never realize the truth – it is the “Oil Wars”.  Our natural resources are draining fast and we are being lied to about it.  So they go to war and misrepresent the truth.  Worse than just lying about it, this is also an excuse to thin the populations with thousands dead – good people, loyal citizens who didn’t deserve to die.  The survivors are kicked to the curb by the very government they fought to protect.  More than one actively serving General has stated that they were doing everything they could to keep their boys from coming home because after all they’ve been through on the front, the only thing our country had left for them at home was a nightmare worse than war.  There is no re-training for integration back into society, no rehabilitation, no jobs, loss of medical, nothing.  It’s no wonder there is a shortage of military volunteers, so much so that many states have made it mandatory for men to register for “Selective Service” when they get their driver license or state ID.  This is their way of trying to delude you from realization that you are being forced to register to be drafted by the military at their whim.

If this was a “War on Terror”, then your own government is guilty, and so is the media.  This is especially clear when the government is looking to pass laws that reduce your freedoms or raise your taxes.  Most tragedies are initially speculated at using the word “Terrorism” in order to scare you into compliance.  They will report “we’re not sure if Terrorism is the cause”, or “it’s unlikely to be an act of Terrorism” or anything similar, just as long as the word “Terrorism” is used, or indicated, so you will be afraid and give up what they want.  These deceptions cause the people unreasonable fear so the government can profit from its citizens.  Think about it, all this fear they create, all the hype, just to make you pliant to higher taxes and ever increasing restrictions on life.  You are being terrorized by your own government into giving up your Freedoms, and you pay for it through increased taxes and higher fees. 

The people are robbed of more and more freedoms each year under the guise of “National Security”.  More money comes out of your pocket and goes into the bank accounts of the government officials who propose, pass and enforce these measures as well as their wealthy civilian supporters.  This happens through those increased taxes or new taxes being added.  This means YOU end up paying the Politicians to take away Your Freedom.

The greed of the government is endless.  Laws are passed to ensure that the Politicians and their wealthy supporters continue to gain money and power, leaving the rest of the people to slowly dwindle into poverty.  The divide between the classes grows faster each year.  The middle class is a dying breed, almost extinct.

Our leaders are not leaders.  They do not lead.  They deceive.  They steal.  They cause harm to the people they are supposed to protect, and even to their own families, without conscious.  They serve only personal greed, helping themselves and only those who can afford to considerably line their pockets further.  “Bailouts”, millions of Your hard earned dollars, given only to the wealthiest so that they might buy yet another vacation home and yacht.  In reality these government officials are Not “Leaders”, they are only “Politicians”, serving themselves and no one else.

We have had enough.  An uprising is coming, and the Politicians are ensuring it comes sooner than you think.  Throughout history the people have stood against such injustice and the people will do it again.  Kings have fallen.  Governments have toppled.  It is inevitable.  People want Freedom, not Tyranny, not slavery.  All the lower class will end up as nothing more than slaves, working only to give their wages to the wealthy through high taxes and other forced fees on necessities.

We need a real Leader.  We need someone who remembers what “honor” means.  We need someone who will fight FOR the people, ALL of them, equally.  We need someone will take action when people are hurt, suffering, hungry or cold.  We need someone who can demonstrate that the people are not alone or separated, and that we can soar to new heights and accomplish the impossible by standing together – ALL of us.  We need someone who can lead us into an age of real unity, in genuine truth, real honor and truly equal justice for everyone – ALL of us, equally.  We need someone who has the strength to fight the disease the Politicians are decimating this country with.

We need someone who can lead us back to being truly United.

We need a Leader!

-No One

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